Own a business, corporation, investment real estate, or any other type of highly appreciated assets…and reluctant to sell due to limited options to manage your significant capital gains tax exposure?

Tired of the 1031 Exchange restrictions and deadlines of finding replacement properties – thinking you’ve swapped for an upgraded situation but only to discover that you’re right back in the challenges of your previous property? Or, settling for a replacement property and losing your negotiating power once the owner of the replacement property learns that you HAVE TO BUY or PAY TAXES!

So what’s the best IRS option that will shield your equity gains from heavy capital gains taxes while allowing you to receive the equivalent of 95% of the sales proceeds in cash at closing to invest as you please, in or outside of real estate, while continuing to defer taxes for 30 years or longer? We have the answer….

The Monetized Installment Sale (MIS)

Better than a 1031 Exchange, Delaware Statutory Trust, or Deferred Sales Trust.

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